Three Things to Wear with a Hoodie

The humble hooded sweatshirt – or hoodie as they are more lovingly known – is a staple clothing item in many winter wardrobes.

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An article in 20 Below highlights the three main benefits of hoodies as their warmth, comfort and versatility. But despite these very relevant pros, the history of the hoodie is less positive. With connotations linked to crime and anti -social activity, the hoodie has developed somewhat of a bad rep in recent years. And yet we still love it. So what are the best ways to wear it in order to lose those negative connotations and bring new style to this timeless garment?

With a Leather Jacket

Hoodies and leather jackets are a faultless style combination that will literally never go out of fashion. The hoodie shot to fame during the New York hip hop craze of the 1970s and still has that effortlessly ‘street’ look. Layering it up, especially with a leather jacket, reinforces that urban vibe that oozes style all these years later. It’s also a practical choice for winter months when temperatures rise and drop every time you hop on or off a bus. Lyle & Scott hoodies are a perfect brand to rock this look.

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Athleisure Chic

The hoodie descends from the sweatshirt, which was originally invented by a footballer back in the 1920s. At that time its primary objective was rooted in athletics – the perfect garment for non-restrictive movement, temperature regulation and sweat absorption during exercise sessions. But times change and athleisure is now a fashion statement in its own right – and it has nothing to do with exercise! Hoodies are thinner and more tailored, designed to flatter the body rather than hide it under baggy layers. Combine a fitted hoodie with tight joggers and pristine leather sneaks for a cool, contemporary and comfortable look.

Rock ‘n Roll

Many social groups adopted the hoodie in years gone by. Skateboarders, surfers and Goths are just a few. Embrace that edgy 90s grunge look by teaming a plain hoodie with a vintage band tee, skinny jeans and biker boots. Lyle & Scott hoodies are perfect for this alternative, too-cool-to care style.

This is also a look that works brilliantly on both men and women, once again reiterating the sheer versatility and timeless charm of the hoodie.

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