What Are Your Erotic Dreams Talking About?

What Are Your Erotic Dreams Talking About?

These stories cannot be told to the first comer: in erotic dreams, there is no taboo. No, because they do not need to blush and worry – but how to decipher them? To dream pleasant or strange scenes, saturated with tender or exciting emotions – this is perfectly normal. The fact is that along with consciousness, self-censorship is turned off, which is responsible for maintaining decency, controlling our thoughts and actions during the day. As a result, we see what we do not dare to think about an ordinary life.

What Are Your Erotic Dreams Talking About?

To decipher your erotic dreams, it is worth remembering a few important points.

  • Our dreams cannot be taken literally. They never speak directly to us: the images we see in a dream are always metaphors.
  • Sex scenes in a dream do not necessarily talk about sex. And vice versa: the most neutral details of a dream can carry a powerful erotic charge.
  • The more a person restrains his sexuality in everyday life, the brighter his dreams can be, and the more often they can visit him. Dreams can work as a “safety valve”, which provides an output of pent-up energy and thereby unloads the psyche, reducing stress.
  • Some psychoanalysts divide erotic dreams into two broad categories. The first one contains full-fledged sex with penetration – this is how a real sexual deficiency can declare itself, which the brain of the sleeper seeks to compensate. The second is dreams with kisses, caresses, hugs: often such scenes speak about relationships not with a partner, but with oneself, about the harmony of masculine and feminine in the human psyche.
  • We cannot control the content of our own dreams and are not responsible for it. But by attending to the details, listening to your unconscious, you can learn much more about yourself in order to better reveal your sexuality.
  • Psychoanalysts advise to start to write down your dream: in words, unexpected accords, memories, associations can manifest themselves, which then help to find the true meaning of the dream.
  • In the “alphabet” of our dreams, there can be universal images or plots: certain places and objects, a naked body, a meeting with a stranger … But it’s only you who can truly interpret the message – it’s always your unique experience, your most intimate feelings, and desires and emotions.

What Are Your Erotic Dreams Talking About?

Erotic Dreams Dictionary

For example, consider several images and situations that can occur in erotic dreams.


Sometimes, this image may represent the body of a loved one. Or partner who has had sexual relations – the person with whom you are together moved in the way of enjoyment. If you dream Engine starts with a half-turn, the image speaks for itself. If you dream that your car has been stolen, you may be worried about the fear that your loved one will not be “taken away”.

What Are Your Erotic Dreams Talking About?


The upward movement of the elevator can symbolize the rise of sexual energy, your inner strength. Accordingly, breakdowns and obstacles can speak of internal clips, and a falling elevator – of unconscious fear, which can cause a powerful and uncontrollable force of sexuality.

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Boat, ship, yacht

Having sex on the deck in the midst of gentle waves is a very good image, which means that your relationship with your partner is filled with harmony.

What Are Your Erotic Dreams Talking About?

A train

If in a dream you make love on a train with your partner, it may mean that your relationship is “on the right track.” But if in the course of such a plot, the car unexpectedly derails, the same can apply to the life of a couple in realities.


The very presence of a warming, bright fire in an erotic scene may indicate that your relationship is active, filled with passion. Your libido is in great shape!

What Are Your Erotic Dreams Talking About?

Hair hairstyle

If in erotic dreams your hair is tied into a tight knot, it may indicate that some fears and psychological limitations hold back your sexual energy. Conversely, if you make love with her hair loose, it means that in this relationship you feel complete inner freedom and emancipation.


These pets can simultaneously cause tender feelings – and suddenly show character when claws are released in order to defend their independence … Very similar to those emotions that arise in the initial period of relationship with a partner: maybe you are concerned about how to establish the correct balance?


If in a dream she was her tail in a friendly way, the symbol can mean loyalty and devotion on which the relationship is built in a pair. On the contrary, if the dog bares his fangs, the unconscious may hint at the betrayal of one of the partners and the aggression that this situation generates.

What Are Your Erotic Dreams Talking About?


This is one of the symbols most revered among psychoanalysts: in their opinion, the appearance of a snake unambiguously translates sleep into the category of sex. For most of us, this image is fraught with danger: if sexual impulses are not associated with love feelings, their hidden power can terrify us.


Well, if your own body in a dream causes you only pleasant emotions and sensations. If you are ashamed of it, it may be difficult for you to realize and accept something in yourself, inner harmony is broken. If you dream that you are naked in public places, this may indicate hidden desires that you do not dare to manifest to others.


There is nothing surprising, this is a dream after a match when everything inside boils with emotions and impressions. However, psychoanalysts see in this game and explicit sexual symbols: round, like an egg, the ball surrounded by sperm! In any case, it’s up to you to decide whether to take this dream as a direct guide to action.

What Are Your Erotic Dreams Talking About?

Sex with a stranger

A very exciting plot, which is also the most popular theme of women’s fantasies. In such dreams, a partner can be very brutal, he cannot be resisted – and this does not mean that in real life a woman is ready to accept violence. The dream only says that she dreams of becoming the object of an all-consuming passion and to feel the unconditional masculinity of her partner.

Love sex

This is a very positive story that speaks for itself: your unconscious is completely in agreement with what is happening; you fully accept your desires.

Orgasm in a dream

Such a dream can send a signal about a hidden deficit – perhaps, in reality, you are not using your sexuality enough. It makes sense to think about the causes of what is happening: it may be feelings of loneliness, fear, guilt, or some unconscious prohibitions…

What Are Your Erotic Dreams Talking About?

Oral caress

Such dreams often speak of relationships with the female component of our own psyche. Karl Gustav Jung called the two most important parts of our soul “Anima” and “Animus.” If there is a balance between them, the person is internally balanced, and it is easier for him to maintain harmonious relations with the outside world. Thus, such erotic dreams are very positive: they testify to inner integrity, to the readiness to accept oneself, to be in agreement with oneself. And if you have never tried these practices in reality, such dreams, especially recurring ones, can also speak about your readiness to overcome the barrier and move on to action.

Sex with the boss

In this role, any other well-known, influential figure can act – for example, a political leader or president. In fact, such a dream can speak not about an attraction to a real person, but about your desire for strength and power, about wanting to live a brighter and more saturated life.

What Are Your Erotic Dreams Talking About?

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