What Not To Do If You Want An Uncontested Divorce

You may be upset when the bombshell of divorce gets dropped into your lap. You may want to lash out with a fury few have ever beheld in the history of the Earth. You may even want to strike in a way that will have damaging consequences for years to come. However, if you want to settle the divorce in an amicable way that won’t hurt the children, take a step back and think again. Here are some dirty tricks you do not want to engage in if you want an uncontested divorce.

1. Spread Spicy Stories

Don’t spread rumors about affairs or scatter spiteful lies about your spouse’s behavior. The problem with passing information around about your soon to be ex is that it can get back to the children and hurt them in unforeseen ways. Your spouse could also learn what you are doing and file an alienation of affection action against you that could cost you thousands of dollars to fight.

2. Cleanout Bank Account

Yes, you may want to wipe the accounts and leave your spouse with nothing, but think of the ramifications with the court. You will look like a vengeful individual and the cause of the divorce. In turn, your spouse will look justified for seeking the separation, and the court will often side with him or her because of your actions.

3. Whisper About Abuse

No matter what you secretly believe, don’t file abuse reports that you have no proof of. If you believe something is occurring, talk to your uncontested divorce Tampa lawyer about your suspicions. Remember, the second you begin to fight dirty, the allegations may be thrown at you, too.

If you want your divorce to be uncontested, work through your anger, and come to terms with the fact there is something better on the other side. You don’ have to make life easy for the one that hurts your feelings, but you do have to remember that focusing on hurting your ex takes your mind off helping your children deal with the trauma of divorce.

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