What theme should my living room be?

It’s a well established fact that homes need to have a theme.  if there isn’t a theme in place you tend to find that the house becomes disjointed and isn’t easy to tidy or maintain.  Walking into one room looking like a Spanish Taverna and the next is an old English sitting room that can be slightly galling for people to take.  Take for example the living room.  Pound for pound this is probably going to be the most visited room in the house by you, members of your family and also people that you have round  as a guest.

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With all that in mind the best approach is to pick something old-fashioned and traditional.  You certainly can’t go wrong with an old-fashioned and traditional living room and one of the best ways to reinforce that is by having a classic Vintage Sofa. You don’t have to go for a futuristic style like that of the Ubald Klug  Terrazza sofa (which used landscape for its inspiration) or the Camelonda, the 1970’s was a strange and unusual time for art and design it seems.

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You might be better off with something more traditional like a nice Chesterfield, the Chippendale and Sheraton. These were very fancy and ornate creations but they were also extremely comfortable as well.  Ideally what you want from the sofa in your living room is comfort and this needs to reflect the style of the room as well, although we are less inclined to have lots of knick-knacks and clutter around much as the Victorians did.

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