Why binge watching is so popular

Have you ever watched three or more episodes of a show in one day? You can now officially refer to yourself as a “binge-watcher” if you have done so. You’ve now joined a growing club. In 2015, a TiVo study revealed that 92% had binge-watched at least three episodes in a single day.

Why do we do it? In the past, we did not have the same access to shows as we do today. Networks release entire series all at once, so we don’t need to wait for each episode. People still wait to watch all episodes of a series in one sitting, even if they are released slowly. Binge watching is a phenomenon that has been observed for many years. But, what else could be going on psychologically?

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Many studies have shown that watching TV is a positive experience. The relaxation that people feel when watching television is short-lived. It’s so tempting to watch more episodes, and even more!

The quality of television shows is improving. Episodes are gripping and have endless cliffhangers, making it difficult to turn them off. The small screen is attracting actors who previously would have avoided it, and the script writers are more talented than ever. Avoid having aerial issues ruin your viewing and contact TV aerial repair Bristol like aerial-installations-bristol.co.uk/

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Tricks of the trade keep our attention glued to the screen. How a show has been cut, edited, and is filled with music, zooms, and loud noises keeps our attention on the action. The best directors are able to capture and hold your attention, increase your expectations and manipulate mood. These clever techniques will hook you.

It’s tempting for people who have a stressful life or are bored to get lost in a fictional series that is totally engaging and absorbing. People can forget their everyday worries and niggles. Many people find it comforting.

In 2013, more than 50% of people had a negative opinion about binge-watching. In 2015, this figure was reduced to 30%. A second survey found that 73% of respondents felt they had no regrets about binge-watching, and even said it made them happy.

In the industrialised world, watching TV has been a favourite pastime. Apart from sleeping and working, we spend the most time watching television. Even with the changes in technology, it does not seem to be changing. In just a year, internet TV viewing grew 400%.

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