3 Ways To Use The Rule Of Three To Create Content

3 Ways To Use The Rule Of Three To Create Content

What is the rule of three? How do I use it to create better content? How can I use it to be more effective?

What is the rule of three?

The rule of three is a very general parameter that is used in writing, music and conversation that states that concepts divided into three are inherently more memorable, funnier and more interesting.

It is no coincidence that the number three is a constant in fairy tales, myths and many of the greatest stories. Stories like the 3 little pigs or the 3 musketeers, great standards of literature, do not use the number by chance.

We as content writers know that when ideas come together in groups of three they tend to have the greatest impact, and it is easier to remember and repeat what we read. And is not this what we want? Every time we create an article for our blog we seek to generate ideas that are good, useful and easy to remember.

Grouping things in threes gives a greater impact – and makes the list easier to remember -.

The most successful strategists have been using this technique forever when writing (and great writers too).

For this article we will present 3 ways to incorporate the rule of three in the writing of your next content:

3 Ways To Use The Rule Of Three To Create ContentUse three benefit statements

One of the first ways you can incorporate the rule of three into your text is to use three main benefit statements. Although, this is especially applicable to all your content. It works very well on the main page of your website and is actually something that can be done in your other web sections.

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In this way, all the benefits stand out, if you make a long list about the benefits or benefits of any product, it is very likely that the reader loses or loses interest. On the other hand, if you have everything condensed into three great benefits it will be much easier to remember.

Have you heard about the three B’s? Well, nice and cheap … So you have to try to enumerate your benefits.

When we use this technique the reader:

  • Remember the content better
  • He reads it carefully
  • And he is more willing to spread it
  • Can you see it? It is very easy to apply and brings excellent results.

3 Ways To Use The Rule Of Three To Create ContentSticky ideas

  • Most successful slogans are structured in three ideas or even sometimes in just three words.
  • Just do it. Who has not seen it? And when we read it or listen to it, it does not take more for Nike to come to mind.
  • Energizer, they follow, they go on and on … Only that repetition of three words is sticky and stays in the consumer’s mind for a long time.
  • The three word games generate immediate attraction and click on the brain almost instantaneously.
  • When we make long texts this point also helps because we can make shorter ideas in groups of three. It also serves the purpose of breaking a long list of examples.

3 Ways To Use The Rule Of Three To Create ContentThink of 3 when you write your texts

From the structure to the division of each content you can divide it into three. Let’s start with the basics, any good idea has an introduction, a development and a closure. Three sections clearly divided.

Likewise, each of these blocks is composed of its particular structure, there we can also incorporate the rule.

A very important section of the content and that is the hook to attract readers is the title. Incorporates the rule when titules, this will make the “copy” more sticky and excellent to be used as content in social networks:

  • “10 ways to make your content more understandable, pleasing and complete”
  • “Web apps to make decisions, collaborate and share ideas”

One last point we would like to emphasize: you do not always have to follow the rule of three. The rules are made to break them. But before breaking the rules, it is good to understand them well and then be disruptive. So, your task for the next article is to think. How could I use the rule of three to create a powerful text? What organizational structures can be more effective? What word choices could I have used? Once you have this, make a combination between the rule of three and your ideas and I am sure that your next article will be a success.

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