How To Use Content Marketing For Lead Generation

How To Use Content Marketing For Lead Generation

More and more companies have focused on content marketing strategies as a tool for generating leads. Right here on the Digital Results blog you find hundreds of posts about how to produce articles, eBooks, webinars and other various forms of content to make your Leads generation process more efficient.

A recent Sherpa Marketing survey showed that more than 54% of companies invest in content marketing efforts. But the question remains: how to start?

How To Use Content Marketing For Lead GenerationContent Marketing to Generate and Nourish Leads?

Having an up-to-date blog with quality content as well as producing eBooks, webinars and whitepapers is very important to manage the acquisition and lifecycle of your leads. You can use this content for a number of purposes, such as:

  • Demonstrate to your potential customers that you understand their needs;
  • Help your potential customers evaluate whether your company offers a solution that solves your problems and meets your needs;
  • Fidelize and educate clients and potential clients;
  • Create your brand’s advocates, readers and people who are interested in the topic, even if they are not potential customers like to interact and expand the reach of your content;
  • Assist in the implementation and use of your solution / product;
  • Increase the chances of repeat purchases.
  • So check out these tips so you can create killer content to improve the quality of your Leads generation process.

How To Use Content Marketing For Lead Generation

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Create content that attracts and converts

The most essential item to create content that attracts new visitors and helps you convert is to know the audience very well. It knows how to deliver something that pleases and what people are really looking for. Some tips will help in this:

Always write in a language that is aligned with the interests and knowledge of the audience . Is your audience young? Choose a more informal tone. Corporate audience? Do not be afraid to use the jargon with which they are familiar. Knowing who your potential client is and your goals is critical.

Have a clear goal. Focus on conversions. Always remember what your goal is and take it into consideration when producing content. The goal is to collect emails and potential customers? Encourage this behavior by passing security to the potential customer that he will receive something of value in return. Your goal is to increase your followers on social networks? Show what your visitor is missing by not following your profile on social networks and a little about the content you produce there. Using your rich content like eBooks and whitepapers can be a way to make sub conversion much more subtle and efficient.

Answer the questions of the visitor. Understand the most common points that generate the most confusion among the readers of your blog. Usually they are also the doubts of many other visitors who have preferred not to manifest themselves. Attack each of them with quality content, detailed and easy to consume to gain the trust of the visitor.

How To Use Content Marketing For Lead GenerationInvest In Rich Content

Your blog is a machine to attract and educate your visitors. But your goal is to generate conversions, right? In this case a good tip is to invest in more dense content such as eBooks, slide decks, webinars and the like and exchange this material for visitor contact information through a form. This type of content generates great interest and leads the reader to inform their data, thus transforming it into a Lead.

A good eBook – combined with a well-designed Landing Page that demonstrates well the benefits of the material and focus on conversion – is necessary for you to increase the number of visitors turning into Leads and initiating the sales cycle.

How To Use Content Marketing For Lead GenerationWork With Good Calls-To-Actions (CTA’s) On Your Blog

A good article needs a good call-to-action to generate conversions. It functions as a bridge between the text that attracted the reader and the conversion on the Landing Page.

When producing an article for your blog, always think about how you can direct the reader to the conversion pages you want. How do you attract the interest to provide your data? When producing your article, create links to Landing Pages that have a strong relationship with the subject, insert images that will drive your reader to increase your interest, and drive you up a stage in your sales process.

Understand Each Stage Of Your Leads Cycle

Your Leads generation / nutrition cycle can be short or long, but it is important that you know it very well. Separate your leads into groups and produce different content, always with the goal of taking your lead to the next stage. Here are some common steps:

Turning the visitor into Lead: At this stage, you need to educate your potential client on how you can meet their needs. Introductory informational leads that lead to richer content are often a great way to turn this visitor into Lead and from there we can treat you differently. Your best friends at this stage are: cool articles, well-made calls-to-action and killer landing pages.

Converting a lead into opportunity: The user has already been informed a bit with its content and is in a very early stage in its process. To captivate you, it is best that you know the best and, based on the information collected in the first contact, your company work with content more specific to him and his interests. If it came through a specific eBook, why not delve deeper into the subject and ensure that it is getting closer and closer to becoming a real business opportunity? Demonstrate through content that you can help you solve your problems and meet your needs. Send emails, more in-depth materials, show the visitor your knowledge. Create authority and earn respect so you are ready to prepare to make a sale.

Converting an opportunity into a sale. At this stage, the goal is to present your product more directly. You already know your user and he shows signs that he can become a customer. At this stage your content marketing strategy must support closing the sale. Demonstrations of your product / solution, successful cases, technical comparisons that help close the sale are usually great requests for this stage. Use your content as a tool to help you come to a positive decision.

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Do not forget that throughout your Leads management cycle you can reach your customers in several ways. Direct e-mails, newsletters, videos, whitepapers and webinars are among the many possibilities and each of these platforms can be used in your favor!

Now it’s your turn! Produce killer content, join well-written calls-to-action and well-made landing pages to create and capture many leads! And, of course, be sure to come back and share with us in the comments the secrets of your success. Good luck!

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