The Art Of Starting An Idea

The Art Of Starting An Idea

To undertake an idea is to initiate something that requires a dedication or effort with the aim of creating and transforming some thought into reality. Put another way, believe in yourself and make your dreams come true. It should be the common action among all living beings on the planet, do not you think? Well, even if it seems impossible, very few people in our society have believed this word and defined their way of being and understanding life.

I have an idea!

Any change or progress is a consequence of an idea that can appear by magic or because it is wanted and sought. There are times when they appear involuntarily, with the intention of helping someone and others that are simply the result of hours of study and work.

All of them try to meet a personal need or market and seek to please the feeling that all entrepreneurs share: grow.

The Art Of Starting An IdeaWe start the investigation

The moment arrives that we begin to consider if we can transform this first idea into something tangible. The first thing we do is seek the approval of our environment and you find opinions for all tastes…

Undertake will you leave everything to do this?

I trust you, surely you will do great!

Are you sure it will work?

Keep going, it’s a great idea!

Others will have already created it…

They are only opinions. Most of them have not spent as many hours as you do on the subject, so take them and use them to keep going. They should never be a real brake.

The Art Of Starting An IdeaThis is serious! Development

You said yes I want and at this very moment a journey begins towards the transformation of your idea. Live it, it’s the most exciting time of the whole process!

We began to work all aspects of creation and definition of the work:

Order the steps with a route map (applying the Canvas method will be of great help).

Define concrete actions to develop a company, product or service.

Get the prototype of our idea.

Carry out a SWOT.

What should I do to strengthen the project?

Branding, communication, marketing, business, and other facets begin to weigh heavily on the process.

Financing (commitment to exchange and collaboration to reduce expenses).

Going through all these stages and doing it successfully augurs a promising future, but above all, learning and an indelible knowledge.

The Art Of Starting An IdeaTest with the prototype

After going through different stages, we come to the end of the process of transformation of the idea. It is time to test it and test it with the people closest to you or with some companies in the sector. We must be prepared to get the results of the most ignorant criticisms to the most technical; this will allow us to make some adjustments that will make us even improve our proposal. It may seem like the moment of truth, which can mark the line of success or failure, but it will really mark the next events.

Go live, the launch

The go live is the culmination of hard work. The optimism and the illusion of the first day overflows our mood, it is the moment in which above is an entrepreneur, the security and the feeling that everything will come out as we hoped. It provokes your surroundings to help you in the diffusion: Share and viralizar your messages. Here we begin to get the first results.

The Art Of Starting An IdeaThe journey of a project

The route that you have in the first months is essential to achieve a balance that allows us to have possibilities. The compensation of the job well done is shown by the results of the activity and the years of life of an idea. During this time we will have to execute our strategy with effectiveness and get the best of ourselves. There will be good days and bad days, but our integrity and our creativity will move us forward.

The art of undertaking has that magic that tends to the need to create and materialize with a personal style. A way of life that some people are prepared to face naturally. These people are accustomed to falling and getting up, as often as they need to. They only learn and dazzle by their ease of surprising others and oneself.

 If you are one of them, take advantage of the innate gift that your personality offers you and undertake as many times as you can. Do not hesitate; this is your letter to be happy!

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