When Can Your Company Automate Social Media Posts

Often we see some profiles of companies in social networks that do not even seem to be updated by humans: they post content from several blogs as soon as they are published, do automatic retweets, send DM (Direct Message) instantaneously to new followers and rarely interact with them.

These companies (or people) represent a portion of profiles that use services to automate posts on social networks. It is not difficult to find this kind of profile, nor can we say that it is totally wrong to adopt this practice. Our point is that one must be very careful when choosing what to automate.

When Can Your Company  Automate Social Media PostsWhy your company should not automate posts in Social Media

Loss of control over content: By taking personal care of profiles on social networks, your company only shares relevant content with followers. Having knowledge about what is being posted, it is also avoided to post posts on similar subjects from different sources, which becomes repetitive for those who follow the profile of the company. Another important reason: imagine if a competitor does a Guest Post on a blog that your company always posts. If you’re on the automatic, you’ll be giving audience to the competitor, something that is not interesting to anyone.

Missing Relationship Opportunities: When a company shares content in “automatic mode,” it is natural for it to sit back and monitor less often what actually happens on the network. As a result, many opportunities for engagement and engagement (which cannot be automated) end up being left behind.

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It is important that automation does not diminish the importance of monitoring (see more in our eBook – Social Media Monitoring).

The company has a “robot face”: You must have heard sometimes that in social networks, the company must have personality. We are not saying that your company should start giving “good morning” to followers or fans (which, incidentally, we do not recommend, since it does not deliver anything relevant), but should rather share what you believe in, Their culture, their beliefs and their goals in social networks. Remember: Relevant content is essential to attract new visitors and convert them into Leads.

When your business can (and should) automate posts in Social Media

Keeping profiles updated: On social networks, it is always important to maintain a good frequency of updates (without becoming a spammer). So, although it would be ideal to have a person always updating the profiles, we know how expensive this is for any company. Thus, scheduling posts in Social Media is a good way to keep profiles frequently up-to-date without losing the ability to filter and human interaction. Another benefit brought by the scheduling is the ability to post content outside of business hours, as well as on holidays and weekends. Depending on the product and profile of your followers, this is something that should be taken into consideration.

Distribute the contents of the company’s blog: When posting new content in the company’s blog, it is always interesting to disclose it in the company’s own profiles. As this is content that you have control over and believes in what is being said (after all, it’s your company), the automation of posts in Social Media is very useful for initial disclosure to followers, ensuring that no network is left behind. Out.

Raise old posts: We’ve talked about another opportunity that repeating tweets over time is something that works well and brings good results for the company. This practice, however, is not just limited to tweets. Automating posts on social media can be interesting to take this older content of your company from time to time to new followers. At that time, again, the scheduling of posts in social networks becomes ally of the company.

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