Why Your Business Should Be On Facebook

Why Your Business Should Be On Facebook

Facebook has been one of the most talked about subjects in Digital Marketing. The incredible growth in the number of users attracted so much attention that Mark Zuckerberg, its creator, became world-wide personality and the history of the site turned Oscar winner with the film “The social network”.

Faced with so much noise, however, the most important questions we need to answer are: What does my company have to do with this? Why should I care?

Why Your Business Should Be On Facebook1 – Scope

Milton Nascimento says in his song that “every artist has to go where the people are”. This is not just for artists. The marketing of a company should also go after your audience where it is.

Even if your business is B2B, it is certain that a high percentage of your target audience is on Facebook.

The network already has more than 800 million active users worldwide and is struggling to reach its first billion. In Brazil, the years 2010 and 2011 showed impressive growth and Facebook has become a great way to reach many people at low cost.

Why Your Business Should Be On Facebook2 – Virality

In the Viral Marketing whitepaper: From theory to practice we   have already indicated that for a message to spread more easily it is essential to lower the barriers and make message forwarding as simple as possible.

Few things could be simpler and easier than the “Like” button available to any page and “Share” to go through the content on Facebook itself.

These two guns can greatly help your company carry the message to more and more people.

Why Your Business Should Be On Facebook3 – Engagement

We have already seen that there are many people on Facebook and that the platform favors sharing. There is another very important item.

Anyone who has a Facebook account knows how much it is part of people’s daily lives. According to Facebook’s own information, more than 50% of active users access the tool every day.

With this, the chance of contact with your company increases greatly if it has a good presence in the network.

Why Your Business Should Be On FacebookAnd companies that sell to companies (B2B)? Should they also be on Facebook?

This is a question we get all the time in Digital Results. People believe that since Facebook is a personal network, there is so much room for more professional relationships, meaning Facebook would not be useful for B2B companies.

Nothing out of reality. People increasingly consume and share professional content and services in their profiles.

Why Your Business Should Be On FacebookIf your company has quality content, Facebook is a great distribution channel. In our case, for example, it is the main source of traffic to our site.

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Also, it is also worth remembering that behind the companies, there are physical people who influence and make buying decision. Facebook makes it much easier for you to maintain and cultivate relationships with these people as long as your business approach is not intrusive and seeks to teach or help the customer.

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