Every time we are all a little more aware of what it means to accept an inheritance because, with the possible benefits that we can obtain from the deceased, we are also accepting any burden or debt that it has. That has caused hundreds of inheritances to remain in the air each year, that is, we renounce them and, therefore, it is the State that keeps those benefits (unless a second successor wants to take charge of everything).

It is not strange that when we inherit a home, it must be shared with brothers or relatives in equal parts and even that it comes with a mortgage as a gift and then we speak of a proindiviso . In short, a proindiviso means that a property belongs to several people and, therefore, you only have a part of it, you are co-owner.

ProindivisosIn well-to-do families this is not a problem because, normally, they usually agree when it comes to selling, renting or staying in the inherited home. However, there are many families who, either due to personal problems or economic problems, begin to have very different visions of what should be done with the inheritance and this brings with it headaches and many complications. At this point there are many people who decide to move away and let the rest of the affected people decide and make the appropriate decisions, all in order not to end an aupa stress, but there is another option that very few know: sell your part of the inheritance.

ProindivisosThe sale of a proindiviso inheritance is totally possible, in fact there are specialized companies such as Proindivisos Levante , whose commercial activity lies basically in this type of transactions. They buy your share of inheritance, thus freeing you from the problems caused by this situation, and it will be they who will enter into negotiations with the rest of the beneficiaries of the inheritance. In addition, for them that the property comes with debts or other details (mortgages, delinquent or not, tenants, etc.) is not a handicap as they study the situation and transfer your offer with a payment schedule without any commitment.

ProindivisosSometimes the house in which we reside, property of another person, passes as an inheritance, upon death, to their children or grandchildren. In these cases, the law protects us by granting us usufruct. This means that we can enjoy the house, of which we are not owners, until the end of our life and, after our death, the heirs of the owner of the property will be able to dispose of it.

However, this sometimes also brings problems with the heirs who want to sell the house and it is impossible because the law protects us and this brings an uncomfortable situation. In these cases, Proindivisos Levante also buys the naked property of a property provided that the usufructuary is older than 75 years and, therefore, frees all affected from the problem.

This type of negotiations have started to be very successful now, for a long time now, there are many families that have seen situations similar to those described above that have opted for one of these options to end the problem as soon as possible.

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