Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing, Opportunities Everywhere

Largely similar to the real estate brokerage measure, however here what is specifically is when you as a real estate expert take development to market and you are basically prospecting new customers and attending to the Clients that come to development.

Real Estate MarketingReal Estate Marketing

It is a smooth and flat sales work and that is where this great part of the business.

It may be that you take a complete housing division or an apartment building or a commercial square, here it is very evident that the owner has the need to sell or rent their development and you are focused on that goal.

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The work goes from getting the prospects, to show them the product, to inform the conditions of the sale, price, conditions and delivery times and some special considerations, in this type of development the margin for negotiation of the price is very small, since they are handled Fixed prices which sometimes increase as the houses or departments are sold, that is, an exit price is set and a certain number of sales increases the price, with that is to encourage the prospect Make your purchase decision faster so you can capture the added value of development.

Part of the work is to coordinate the delivery of the buyer’s stationery and the initiation and monitoring of the credit process for the prospect to complete the purchase, there is usually an additional department that is responsible for coordinating the signing of the deed of sale and then Makes the formal delivery of the property.

Real Estate MarketingWhere are the opportunities in this area, in real estate marketing?

Geez, they are everywhere, in any part of the city there are commercial developments of different sizes that have unemployment, that is, they do not have all their premises rented, sometimes the owners are asking for market values ​​out of reality, there it is difficult Do something, but in most cases it is simply lack of marketing work or failures in it, the people in charge of this work do not give the necessary follow-up in time and form and potential clients end up choosing another development to settle, someone But takes the customer, improves their business development and is another expert who takes the commission.

I say that it is better that you be the expert that takes the client, improve the commercial development and take the commission.

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