10 reasons why the baby carrier is pretty cool

Convenient, beautiful, practical: the baby carrier is increasingly popular with moms and dads and with us too. But these are not the only reasons for its spread!

Here are 10 reasons why the baby carrier or Rebozo is cool: a different way to carry the baby that brings with it benefits and beautiful consequences …

1. Kisses and hugs

Babies love to hug, kiss and be kissed, right? Here it is. Thanks to the baby carrier or to the other methods to bring your baby attached to you, the little ones can always be very simple, within the reach of kisses and caresses and can at any time wrap their chubby little arms around your neck. Aww!

2. Conversations

The face-to-face chats with your little ones hanging from the baby carrier are the best! But even when they are attached to your back it is beautiful: their little voice will peek out of your shoulder directly into your ears, talking to you about everything they see (which from that position is what you see too). This is a great way to chat with the little ones, and if done for half an hour a day it also stimulates their verbal skills.

3. Faster trips

Of course, it is wonderful to walk to the rhythm of children, stopping to admire every single leaf and sniffing all the flowers on the path. But other times you just have to go directly somewhere, with a bit of a hurry and maybe with some luggage: here, in that case, the baby carrier solves all the problems, and you can walk quietly with the little one without strollers between the feet.

4. Naps

Children need their naps, who knows where and when. When that moment arrives when the eyelids are not really open, the baby carriers make to take cover in a moment. Cuddling up comfortably, the little ones can crush that refreshing nap without the parents changing the plans in progress.

5. A natural sedative

The children fall, roll, peel their knees, take a few blows. And they cry, and scream, and make a little capriciousness even if the pain is not so excruciating. As soon as something like this happens, wearing your child has the power to calm him down and make him feel much more secure than a simple hug or kiss on the dark!

6. Going to public is no longer a mess

You’re out and about with your baby, just you and them. Alone. You have to go to the restroom of the restaurant bringing it with you so as not to leave it alone and you already foresee that his little hands (or, worse, their language!) Will end up everywhere, on the tablet, on the floor and on the walls, and that his head will peep out between a bathroom and the other. With the baby carrier this problem will no longer exist. Finally!

7. Shopping

Shopping without stroller and hands free is great. It will almost seem like you don’t have your baby with you, so you won’t be able to escape and run away to hide under your clothes hangers. The only advice to avoid unpleasant surprises: always check your child’s hands before leaving the store: when he is on your back, attracted as he is by the world, he can easily touch and take the products from the shelves and hangers. You don’t want to play at the cash desk, do you?

8. Security

Using the baby carrier to keep your baby is a way of keeping them safe while having fun at the same time. An example: when you teach your elder sister to ride a bike, the little one will be able to stay attached to you without risking to scamper down the street without control, and at the same time will feel that you are doing that fun activity together with the whole family.

Same thing when you go shopping: unloading the bags from the machine with the child (even if in the stroller) is really a challenge; but when the child is literally with you, there is no danger! Safety first.

9. No more tiredness!

Often children want to walk and walk for most of the day, but you still need to bring a small stroller because, you already know, sooner or later they will get tired and will not want to move if not in their arms or in a stroller. Just fold the baby carrier and keep it in your bag! Very little bulk and so much comfort.

10. A single report

Sometimes children just need to reconnect with their mother. After a long day of work or a few hours spent far away, the baby carrier allows you to “wear” your children while you are cooking, while you take the dog for a walk or while folding clothes. In addition to a rewarding, albeit stressful, working day you will also be able to finish those small jobs that at home never fail and at the same time enjoy precious moments together with your child, never like at that moment (and in that way) close to you.

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