4 Best iPad Apps to Help Students Excel at School

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Keeping up with your schoolwork is difficult with classes, assignments, and exams. If you want to achieve everything, you must put in a lot of effort and dedication. While it is undoubtedly a challenge, the good news is that your iPad can be an excellent tool for easing some of the stress.

You can turn your iPad into a strong productivity and organization machine with the proper apps, keeping you engaged during study sessions, and avoid your go to crazy vegas for quick rewards. From jotting down notes to getting help with homework, these are some of the most useful iPad apps for students of any age.

  1. Zoom

Zoom is without a doubt one of the best video conferencing apps for hosting and joining meetings. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the app grabbed the world by storm, replacing classes all over the world with virtual remote meetings.  In most institutions, Zoom is more of a requirement than an app that’s nice to have on hand.

When it is impossible to teach classes on campus, your teachers or professors will most likely invite you to join an online class in the form of a Zoom meeting, so you’ll have to stop playing your fugitive games to join the class. Because of its cross-platform support, recording features, and support for up to 100 participants with the free plan, it is now the platform of choice for video conferencing.

Aside from attending lectures, you can also invite your friends to join a Zoom call so that you can all study together easily. The app allows you to share your screen, stay on track with meeting reminders, and create diagrams on the fly.

  1. Apple Books

Apple Books is a native app for iPhones, iPads, and Macs that helps students save money by locating discounted or free textbooks. Once you’ve downloaded these books, you can read them on your Apple device whenever and wherever you choose, regardless of Wi-Fi.

You can annotate and highlight important passages, jot down notes, and save particular pages in Apple Books for easy reference. You can quickly adjust the text size, font, and screen brightness to your preference whether you’re studying while commuting or in a dimly lit room.

All of your notes and bookmarks will sync across your iCloud devices, allowing you to resume reading on your iPhone or Mac where you left off. The nicest part about Apple Books is that you can get rid of your bulky bags because you won’t have to carry massive textbooks everywhere you go.

  1. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is excellent for planning your class calendar and study sessions because it syncs all of your classes, assignments, exams, and other events in one spot, ensuring that you never miss a beat. You’ll receive reminders 15 minutes before every class begins once you’ve added your class schedule. You can even add each class’s location so you know exactly where to go.

You can add assignments and examinations to your calendar as soon as they are announced. Set reminders for the day before and the day of the due date to make sure everything runs smoothly. The app can also be used to organize study groups and project meetings.

  1. Chegg Study

If you ever find yourself puzzled about a math equation or the topics to address in your English paper, you should download Chegg. It’s an app that assists you with your homework by providing resources such as textbook solutions, Q&A sections, and videos. There are also flashcards for almost any course you can think of.

Chegg also provides you with 24/7 support through the assistance of qualified teachers. You can ask any question you want or take a picture of your homework to get answers from verified Chegg experts. Your question, however, is likely to have already been answered in the collection of 60 million fully solved homework questions.

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