6 More Tips for Hosting a Great Business Event

If you’re hosting a business event for the first time, there is a steep learning curve to work through. Here are some more of our top tips for success.

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Create Your Marketing Plan

The art of how to plan a business event is one shared by all event professionals. Marketing is a key element, and the activity that will help to bring attendees to your event. Make sure you allow time to spread the word about the event itself, and consider a range of channels to get the message to your target audience.

Depending on the nature of the event, you might want to include methods such as direct mail, print, digital marketing, email marketing, online advertising, and signage.

Let the Media Know

A professional events agency such as http://davisevents.ie will invest in its media relationships in order to ensure good coverage of key events in the relevant industry and consumer press. By keeping local press in the loop, you also increase the chance of having local reporters, photographers and bloggers in attendance on the day, talking about it beforehand and sharing images, feedback and reviews afterwards.

Create a Buzz

Social media is a fantastic tool for creating a buzz around your event. Release teasers, images, invites and other rich content that create energy and interest. Remember to live-tweet and update from the event too.

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Consider Promotions

You’ll need to market to event attendees on the day, so have your exhibition standards, business cards, print collateral, contests, coupons and other methods to promote offers to the audience. Make sure you capture the details of the attendees for onward engagement.

Have a Positive Attitude

Be ready for the odd hiccup on the day and have a positive attitude in order to enjoy it and remain professional! Professional event organisers know that it’s important to learn from any mistakes and to chalk these up to experience.

Follow Up

The work continues after the event, when you need to begin following up with the attendees. Thank them for coming and offer them something of value – from content through to a discount, trial or next event invite. Make sure you measure outcomes from the event too – from attendance to reviews and conversions. Decide on these metrics beforehand, and use them to assess ROI and other soft success measures.

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