Hotel alternatives for a family getaway

Birmingham has so much to offer for a family break but if the thought of cramming everyone into a hotel room leaves you cold, then what are the alternatives? Have you ever considered staying in a villa? Kas Villa Rental in Turkey is a great choice if you are looking for something that is a little more home away from home. You can have the benefits of hotel comfort with the freedom of self-catering facilities. Here are some fun ways a villa is the ideal choice for a family stay:

Staying in a hotel means that when the kids need to go to bed, so too do the adults or you run the risk of disturbing and having them tired and grumpy in the morning. A villa will normally offer separate bedrooms from the main living space. Bedtime becomes a lot easier when it’s just like home. You can put the kids to bed in their own bedroom while you enjoy some grown-up time in the comfortable living area. Even the smallest studio apartments will offer separate living and sleeping areas.

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Families often need to pack a lot of items even just for a weekend break, especially when travelling with young children or babies. Therefore, space is crucial, and space is not something you get a lot of when staying in a mid-range hotel. The great thing about staying in a villa is that you’ll have plenty of space for all the things you need like pushchairs, car seats and those essential toys. There’s also lots of room for games and even a spot of hide and seek!

Cook what you want when you want

If you have fussy eaters in your group, eating out can prove testing at times. Maybe you have special dietary needs or want to keep tabs on your weight. Whatever your reasons, taking care of everyone’s individual tastes is a lot easier when you have a fully-equipped kitchen at your disposal. You’ll have an oven, kettle, utensils and a microwave as the minimum. Enjoy the freedom to cook what you want, when you want as you’re not beholden to restaurant opening times either.

Kas Villas as well as those in other parts of Turkey and other countries offer a great base to explore the country and attractions that are available, whilst giving you a comfortable place to come back to at your time and pace where you can then cook for the family and enjoy a nice relaxing evening together.

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