Best Places to Live if you’re an Artist

If you’ve often imagined what life would be like living alongside like-minded artistic people, then you’ll be interested in learning about where the most arty communities base themselves. Artists have traditionally sought out low cost areas to have their studios and congregate with people who share their passion. Here we take a look at some of the best places to live if you’re an aspiring artist:

East End, London

After Chelsea became too expensive following its success of the sixties, artists descended on areas of the East End. This area was perhaps made popular in the late eighties by Damien Hirst who attended college in the area and held his first exhibition here. Charles Saatchi moved into the area and the movement known as the Young British Artists was born. This area has also become quite expensive though, as arty areas often do when they become successful. Another cheaper area with a strong artistic atmosphere is Bow.

St Ives, Cornwall

This beautiful, picturesque seaside resort is ideal if you want to be inspired by awesome views, wildlife and the tranquillity to get creative. The area has become popular for retiring artists who buy a cottage to let out during the summer and then live there out of season and attend local art classes. St Ives has been an attractive spot for artists since the 19th century.

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The world-famous festival attracts many artists who seek to find a more permanent base in the city. Edinburgh boasts such a wealth of museums, galleries and literary heritage that it’s easy to see why artistic people flock here. For Artwork Reproduction, visit


This charming village in Wales is a haven for book lovers with book shops on every corner and the Telegraph Hay Festival that attracts big numbers of literary fans. The beauty of the nearby Brecon Beacons is enough to inspire both writers and painters alike.


This stunning town is unsurprisingly a World Heritage Site with incredible architecture, the Theatre Royal and many music and literary events. The beauty of Bath should be enough to inspire any budding artist with its glorious views, parks and heaps of heritage.

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Isle of Wight

Ever since the days of Tennyson and Dickens, the Isle of Wight has attracted artistic types. The Isle hosts both an internationally acclaimed music festival, a literary festival in Cowes and an arty extravaganza in Ventnor.


Sir Edward Elgar spent his career in Malvern and the surrounding beauty of the Severn Vale countryside must have influenced his work. The town still holds music festivals and for a more contemporary vibe, the Malvern Fringe offers modern art and entertainment. 


You might not associate this rather run-down seaside town as an artistic hub but it is experiencing a regeneration. World famous artist Tracey Emin spent her formative years in Margate and recently the opening of the Turner Contemporary Art Gallery has breathed fresh energy into the coastal town.

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