Big changes afoot in software testing

2017 is set to be a revolutionary year for the digital and tech industry, with software testing due to develop dramatically over the coming months. Will this be a positive or negative change for those working as testers?


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What will 2017 mean for software testers?

With technology advancing at such a rate, many software testers are beginning to question the security of their roles within the industry. However, the threat of automation doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be a shortage of work. Many companies within the sector who have already been benefitting from DevOps, the latest trend in software development, will soon have the advantages of the next generation of operations called BizDevOps. With the introduction of BizDevOps, the role of a software tester will become blurry, to say the least. DZone sets out three predictions for the future of these professionals and assures them that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Professional testers will be expected to jump from one role to another just to meet the demands of the fast-growing industry. As a result, software testers will be required to take on a positive attitude and actively acquire a whole set of new skills. After all, with the demand for QA jobs already beginning to lag, testers will need to do what they can to make themselves invaluable to a team or see everything they have worked for during their career turned upside down.

Will there still be a place for manual software testing?

As automation becomes increasingly popular, companies should not lose sight of the value of manual testing. Although automated testing can have many benefits, there is nothing quite like the human approach. One of the best methods of software testing is by opting for crowdsourced software testing, which can be carried out by a range of reliable and professional companies such as Bug Finders ( and enables software to be tested under various realistic platforms to make the process faster, more cost-effective and ultimately more reliable.

Whether companies opt for manual or automated testing, the role of the software tester as we know it is unlikely to remain unchanged in 2017 and beyond. Testers should, therefore, embrace the opportunity to gain new skills and watch as their industry develops and innovates.

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