Can Wooden Flooring Be Used in Bathrooms?

Nothing is as beautiful as wooden flooring in your home. You might be lucky enough to live in a Victorian house with beautiful wooden flooring lurking beneath those carpets, ready to be restored. Or you might be in the larger group of us, who upon ripping up their carpets discover a layer of uninspiring cement. But fear not – wooden flooring is within your reach.

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The choices now are many, as are the accompanying price tags. The cheaper yet durable laminates look fantastic with a choice of colour-ways. Pale greys and white never fail to look great. Or you can go for composite flooring, which is cheaper than real wood but looks sublime. Or go the whole hog and opt for solid wood.

But we all get confused when it comes to wooden flooring in the bathroom. What are the options? Can it be done or do we need to stick with the lino that we all know (and some of us love but most of us hate)?


Bathrooms are, inevitably, pretty wet places. Engineered wood flooring is made from a layer of real wood attached to an underlayer of plywood. It copes better with humidity than solid wood. A wooden flooring company such as has a fabulous range.

Caring for your flooring is very simple, and The Telegraph offers some good information regarding this.

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Keep It Thin

Engineered flooring is available in an array of thicknesses – keep it slim for maximum flexibility.

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