Choosing the right dining table

For most homes, the dining room is the centre of the family home and the dining table, the focal point of family get togethers and special time. A place where people come together to share their day, spend time and enjoy delicious food. Is your current set-up leaving you cold? Time for a dining room makeover? Perhaps it’s time for a new table to gather family and friends around.

There are many choices available and it can feel like a bit of a minefield. It can help to narrow down your search by asking yourself the following questions:

How will the dining table be used?

For everyday dining, you’ll want a table that’s long-lasting, easy to clean and offers a warm, welcoming feel.

For an occasional use table for special occasions, you can choose a table that really gives the wow factor. A premium table that aims to impress guests and ideally features an extending option too. Consider an iconic design like the Tulip Dining Table designed by Eero Saarinen. Get your stunning replica Tulip Dining Table today from Pash Classics.

If your dining table will be needed for multiple purposes, such as hobbies or homework, then you will want a table with a strong surface and plenty of space for books and laptops etc.

How many people will be sitting at the table?

A smaller, two-seater table can usually seat four people and is a sensible option for rooms with limited space.

For those with the space, a six-seater is a good option for when there will normally be only four diners as you will be prepared for guests and special occasions too.

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For larger families or a statement dining room

used for dinner parties or entertaining, a 6-8-seater table is a good idea and an investment.

What type of finish do you need?

Both glossy and matte looks provide clean, contemporary looks. Choosing natural wood provides a warmer aesthetic and adds great texture to the décor. Glass is the perfect choice for an open, contemporary and fresh interior. Frosted glass is another option for those seeking the benefits of glass but with a softer, perhaps coloured look.

Which shape suits your space?

A round or oval table is the most popular shape for socialising and a good way of making the most of available space. Round or oval takes up less space and provides greater flexibility in seating.

Square tables offer a spacious feel with the maximum amount of surface area. This shape is also easy to place in an unused corner, creating a cosy dining area and making good use of the room shape.

A rectangular shape is one of the most popular because it’s the easiest to fit into many different sizes or shapes of rooms. They also look great when paired with dining benches instead of chairs.

What material should I choose?

As well as the shape and size, you should consider which material is the best fit for your home.

High gloss – these offer a fresh, bright and modern feel and can be paired with many different chair materials and finishes thanks to the neutral look of gloss tables.

Matte – these are a great family option and will also seamlessly blend with many different finishes and decors. It’s important to clean with a soft, damp cloth and not to place anything sharp across it.

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