Does my business need a slogan?

Should your business have a slogan? What are the benefits of a slogan? Let’s explore the role of a slogan and whether all businesses need one as part of their marketing campaign.

There are some truly great advertising slogans that consumers remember for a lifetime but more are simply failures and don’t catch on at all. So, what makes one work and another one become a dud? The key to a long lasting slogan is not to make claims that can be ridiculed, that are dishonest or that are so bland they don’t mean anything.

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Here are some pointers for coming up with a slogan for your business:

  • Be Honest

Be sure to only make claims that are fully backed up by your performance. Don’t make spurious claims, overpromise or flat out lie. Try to think about what your product can offer a customer which is better than a competitor’s. If you can’t come up with a unique selling point for your slogan, maybe you should work on improving your products or services first!

  • Be Unique

You might think you’re the first to use a phrase but if you’re not, you could land yourself in some hot water in a legal sense. There are programmes available to search for slogans already in use, so it’s well worth using one of these to ensure your slogan is as unique and new as you think it is.

  • Reflect Your Brand

A good slogan must reflect the essence of what your brand is all about. It will be worthless without that strong connection. It should be interesting enough to stand up to repeated advertising, in the public’s interests to remember the slogan and catchy enough that people can easily remember it. The slogan must also be clever enough to leave an imprint of the brand’s key message behind in the mind of the consumer. For help with all aspects of marketing, consider using a Brand Strategy Agency like

Things to avoid when coming up with a slogan include anything that isn’t to the point. Rambling, meaningless or pretentious slogans are never going to stick. Corporate jargon is also to be avoided, unless you’re aiming your advertising at a very specific section of the market.

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It’s important to remember a concrete benefit that is being offered to the consumer and that differentiates your brand from others who are similar. It’s also important to be specific. If you are offering more, then be sure to tell consumers what you are offering more of!

It has been said that slogans are the junk food of the marketing industry. People crave them, they taste good but don’t provide anything of real value. Don’t let your slogan be that greasy cheeseburger! To be successful, you must apply strict rules. No hyperbole and definitely no boasting. Consumers are a lot more savvy today and are less likely to believe claims of being the best or number in the industry without solid evidence.

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