Double glazing for beginners

Many people consider installing double glazing because it can save on your energy bills and make your house warmer by adding an extra layer of insulation. In fact, these are the main reasons why people have double glazing put in – to reduce energy bills and to make their home warmer. If you are thinking of going down this route, we will explain the advantages so you can make a more informed choice on your windows.

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Double or single glazing

Double glazing has two panes of glass which are separated by an air space. This acts as a shock absorber and keeps out a lot of noise. Single glazing has one pane and no air layer. Double glazing will keep more of the warm air in, so your property is better insulated. Properly fitted, it will also reduce condensation build-up on your windows plus heighten security because it is more difficult to break than a single pane.

Saving energy

Because most people install double glazing to save energy or create warmer rooms, check out their Window Energy Ratings when you are looking at different windows. The energy-saving value of Low E glass can vary by up to 25%. This rating has been designed by the British Fenestration Ratings Council to score a window’s thermal performance on a scale from A to G. A is the most energy-efficient rating. This WER also takes into consideration the U-value which measures the solar heat gain and the air leakage rate of all the components of the window when it is fitted.

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If you are looking at installing double glazing in Gloucester, then you can ask a company such as Firmfix about ratings and different types of windows on offer. You will see that there are frames and patterns to suit all houses and you will not usually need planning permission to change your windows unless you live in a listed building.

Types of double glazing frames

The most common type is uPVC which is much cheaper than traditional wooden frames, easy to clean, durable and the type of frame offering the most energy-efficiency. You can get uPVC door and window frames in many colours and finishes, including wood. The greener option is wood because it is a naturally renewable material. It can also look better, especially in traditional or period-style properties.

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