Getting the Most from Your Smartphone Upgrade

For many of us, upgrading smartphone can be quite a big deal as leaving behind something familiar that works and splashing out on devices that have quickly started to move into the four-figure price range can come with plenty of ups and downs – there’s a reason why a growing number of people are holding onto their devices for a longer period of time and holding off making the change. But there are also plenty of great changes to facilitate an update too, so how can you be sure you’re getting the most out of your smartphone upgrade?

Consider what you’ll be losing – Newer devices have been stripping back on what had once been considered a core feature, removing  the likes of the headphone jack and the expandable storage slots too, with the newest devices also being shipped without earbuds or plugs included too. Whilst you’ll be gaining a lot of new flagship features, it’s important to know what you’ll be losing too so you can measure expectations, as well as prepare yourself to know that future releases will only continue to strip back on what are the basic necessities in favour of a slimmer and streamlined design.

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Pick features to match your usage – The way we use our devices has changed dramatically in a short period of time too as they’ve quickly become multimedia devices less than they are simply phones know – from livestreaming and content consumption with Netflix and YouTube leading the charge through to gaming options as players have plenty of options when looking for a list of casinos online too. Big changes to mobile displays, to processing power, and to many other features too can match your own needs, so it’s important to pick the features that will best support the ways you use your device and cut costs on the extra features that serve no use to you.

Some hardware is more important than others – The big buzzwords often spun by publications looking to push newer devices come within the hardware they offer, whether it be the CPU chip, or the amount of storage included, but not all of these hardware features will be important to you. It may be worth taking a look into networking chips as some 5G chips may provide better speed and connectivity than others, but only marginally so, as such it may be worth looking at the smaller differences as you’ll be able to save a little on the growing costs, and when the difference can be a few hundred dollars it’s certainly worth exploring.

For many, the biggest devices released recently are largely all very similar, so exploring the small differences and determining your needs ahead of time can certainly help you get the most out of your smartphone upgrade, and be something that lasts for another long period of time.

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