Getting to know the Behaviour and Test taking skills of Students

Students tend to make 3 mistakes very commonly:

1. Wasted attempts / Careless mistakes – Students mostly cause this mistake under the influence of overconfidence or carelessness. Wasted attempts have to go to zero. These are the dangerous mistakes that cost you on average 5 marks in the test.
The way to decrease these mistakes is ti take deep breath before every attempt. Attempting them faster is either due to panic or overconfidence.

2. Time spent on questions not answered –
A lot of students tend to get questions overtime even in their first attempt. The goal is to score as many perfect attempts and leave the questions you are not sure of to the end.

3. First Look Accuracy –
1 of the 2 things you can do is make sure your first look time is less than 120 minutes when you go through the paper to have a very strong, confident start. By doing that you will have time for revision after spending time on the tougher questions.

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You should go through as per the Embibe’s recommendation.
If you are confident enough than you can take FULL TEST.
After the completion of each test, Embibe will give you the test feedback which tell your WEAKNESSES & STRONGNESS like how many CORRECT attempts, INCORRECT attempts, etc. you have done. This way you can measure yourself on test-on-test basis.

If you are not confident enough than you can LEARN on the particular concepts.
you can start practicing after learning any concept/chapter.

If you are little bit confident & not confident about taking the FULL TEST than you can do PRACTICE first.
In practice, you can take different level of practice sessions, example: Subject level, Unit level, Chapter level.

Check out these videos to see how Embibe analysis helps you to improve your scores.
What are wasted attempts

What is a perfect attempt

What are overtime attempts

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