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We all know the stress of trying to find bedroom furniture that only fits the space that you have but that also matched the colour scheme that you have in mind. The difficultly with buying pre-designed furniture, in particular wardrobes are that they have not be created with the space you have in mind. They are a standard shape and size, and this can be problematic for many people. That is why it is worth considering fitted wardrobes instead.

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Fitted Wardrobes Hampshire company know how a well-designed fitted wardrobe can really enhance your bedroom and make the best use of the space that you have available to you as well as providing you with an all-encompassing storage solution.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider these options for your bedroom:

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  • The space saving capability of fitted wardrobes has already been mentioned but they really are like Aladdin’s caves of space. You can customise the insides how you want with hanging space, shelves, drawers and any other storage options that you may want. The wardrobes can also be designed in shape and size to help you make the most of any awkward nooks and crannies that you may have in your bedroom.
  • Having bespoke storage in your home can actually help if you are considering selling your property. It can be hard for people to picture their furniture in your rooms but with inbuilt storage they can already see the rooms will look like and can picture themselves living in your property much easier.
  • Fitted wardrobes come with many more options available for the doors and as they are designed to make the most of the space available to you, you should take this into consideration when making your door design choice. If you are tight on space, you may opt for a bi-fold or tri-fold door so that it does not need as much space to function or if you are looking for something easy to function and have more space you may opt for a sliding door. The materials that the doors are made from will also vary depending on the look that you are going for and will include the standard wood as well mirrored doors which are increasing again in popularity.
  • When you have chosen your fitted wardrobe design it is best to do any decorating that you have planned before the professionals arrive to fit your wardrobe. That way you won’t be left with any gaps in your paint or wallpaper.

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