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If you have a passion for all things culinary then have you ever considered starting up your own catering business? Starting small and building up is very good advice and once you have established your business, you can then decide to expand or develop a niche service that might not be currently available in your area. Here are some useful tips to consider for starting your own catering business:

Developing a niche service is a great way to grab a competitive edge in the market. Maybe there is a unique skill that you excel at and can incorporate this into your business. An example might be that you are not yet ready to cater for large events but could specialise in catering for baby showers, engagement parties or hen and stag parties. Sometimes it pays to specialise in one unique area and become the local expert in it. Once you are well known for that, it will be easier to expand should you want to.

Take an inventory of the equipment that you will need for your business. You may already have some catering supplies if cooking is your hobby but there will be some larger, more industrial equipment that you might need for catering for bigger numbers of people. For a wide range of catering supplies and Commercial Combination Ovens, visit https://www.247cateringsupplies.co.uk/catering-appliances/ovens-and-ranges/combination-ovens.

You’ll also need to consider finding suppliers for your own occasionware, items such as tables, chairs, linen, cutlery and glassware are often expected to be supplied by a catering company. This means doing some research and finding contacts in the industry so as to source the best deal for your business. Catering is more than cooking in this respect and will involve business skills. If cooking is your thing then you might want to work with someone who can deal with the administrative side of things while you concentrate on doing what you love the most.


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One of the most important factors will be what your menu looks like. See what your competitors are offering and try to offer something popular but a little different. Pricing will also take some thought and you want to remain competitive but you must also make a profit. You will need to consider the geographical location you are operating in, how long the dish takes to make, cost of ingredients and any transport costs involved.

Crucially, make sure you get the legal stuff sorted before you start operating. You will need to contact Environmental Health, Trading Standards and the Planning Department of your local council. You will need a kitchen inspection from the local authority. You will also need to have an appropriate level of  Food Hygiene training and adhere to the guidelines of the Food Safety Regulations. It all sounds quite daunting but is actually quite straightforward and a great way to protect your customers and yourself when it comes to providing food for the public and minimising any risk of food poisoning. Catering is very hard work and the hours can long and tiring. However, the satisfaction from catering an event and hearing how much everyone enjoyed your food is amazing and well worth the effort.

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