How Can You Panel Your Van for Better Insulation?

For most people, installing plylining in a van is a step taken to protect the bodywork against the kind of wear and tear that can be caused by constant loading and unloading of heavy items and equipment.

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Interestingly, there are some other reasons you might want to upgrade your van in this way, whether you use it for business or leisure. For example, did you know that plylining your van can actually improve the insulation it provides?

Here are some quick suggestions on how to use panelling to make the rear of your van warmer and more liveable. With motor home sales hitting new highs in 2016, plenty of people will be looking for an inexpensive way to enjoy a similar experience.

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Insulation Options

Panelling alone is rarely enough to have a significant insulating impact on the cargo area of a van, so you will need to invest in additional materials to achieve the desired effect.

The best option in terms of cost-effectiveness is loft insulation, since this is widely available and comparatively cheap. You can find entirely synthetic insulation or opt for one which includes natural fibres such as wool, but both should offer the same benefits.

Rigid insulation can be chosen, but the fibrous alternatives are more malleable, easier to cut and give you improved flexibility. Will also need to invest in some adhesive to keep it in place – look for adhesive which can be applied via a spray can for the best results and the greatest ease of use in this scenario.

Panelling Considerations

If your van does not already have plylining in place then you will need to buy some, which is simple enough thanks to sites such as Make sure that you invest in panelling which is cut to fit the dimensions of your van, or else installation will be tricky.

For the especially adventurous and skilled individuals, making the frames and cutting the boards to size without assistance is an option, although this is not something that everyone will be willing to tackle solo.

You can even insulate the floor of a van, but remember to take into account the kinds of payloads it will need to accommodate when constructing this, as otherwise it may not be an especially long lasting alteration.

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