How to create a superb customer experience in your beauty store

The beauty store experience is essential to get right if the ‘final moment of truth’ (FMOT) is occur and the customer is to make that branded purchase. Particularly when it comes to high-end and premium beauty products, in-store experiences are critical to converting browsing to sales. What are the tactics that store owners can use to tempt and persuade beauty fans to spend?

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Be consistent

When it comes to branding, every channel must be consistent. When a customer is engaging with a premium beauty brand, they will already have seen advertising and content on social media, print, out-of-house and other channels. It is essential that this high-end visual experience is continued within the store to maintain this sense of luxury and exclusivity. The retail area must be pristine, beautifully lit, fragranced, and presented perfectly.

Think strategically

Beauty customers want to see segmented products that allow them to browse easily. Place displays of products in categories to facilitate this, such as colour-coordinated nail polishes and fragrances organised by their brand.

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Make sure everything is clean

Beauty fans love to try testers, so make sure yours are clean, well-presented and look as new as possible. Everything needs to look fresh and hygienic. Provide tissues and sanitising liquid.

Consider music

In store music is a key part of the in-store brand experience. It can be on-trend or ambient to create that essential atmosphere. You can find out more from a provider such as

Customers feel that the products they are buying are even more exclusive when they purchase limited editions. Promote these with POS branding and themes that are meaningful to customers.

In-store experiences

Offer makeup applications and makeovers, complimentary lip shade matching or advice, beauty tips, personalised shopping, and other in-store beauty demonstration and makeup application experiences to show customers how they could look with the right products and application tools. This helps to promote add-on sales, as customers will often choose to buy everything within the set if they are happy with their final look.

Promotion evenings

Hold evenings with special deals, talks and demonstrations, fizz and goodie bags to really engage your customers and provide extra value and experiences that they can Instagram with like-minded friends!

These tactics will help to create an in-store brand that stands out and enjoys high sales.

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