How to increase natural light in your home this summer

Sunlight can make a terrible day seem better, and it even has health benefits by warming us and providing a more positive mood. It’s no surprise that people want to incorporate the benefits into their home rather than living in the dark. The good thing is that getting more natural light is easier than you would think.

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First Things First

Windows are the biggest source of natural light in a home, which is no surprise. However, what is surprising is the difference that can be made by simply keeping all your windows sparkling clean. In addition, consider ditching dark curtains for light ones, allowing you both privacy and plenty of light. Both of these will make a huge difference.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

If you want to improve the natural light in your home and don’t want to spend a lot, mirrors are a good option. You can install a mirror on the wall across from a window, which will allow it to reflect and give you more light. An added bonus is that mirrors can also help a room feel larger than it actually is. You can even go farther by adding mirrors to stairs, as noted by Apartment Therapy.

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Trim Those Hedges

You may not consider it, but the trees and shrubs around our beautiful houses can actually block natural light. A good rule of thumb is to avoid trees on the southern side of your house. These trees actually block warmth in the winter and do not provide useful shade in the summer.

Skylights Over Dark Rooms

Skylights are lights in the ceiling that offer extra natural light where they are placed. They come in a number of sizes and prices, so you can work your budget around them. These are especially nice in rooms that are extra dark because the light will pour down from above. Sites like can help you determine which choice is best for you.

Pay Attention to Colors

Light colors have a habit of making use of light and brightening up an area. Dark colors absorb light more than reflect it. Dark colors on walls that are far from the windows are a bad idea, so consider switching to lighter colors. Colors like white, light tan and cream are great options to try.

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