How to wear a sweater and collared shirt together

A sweater with a collared shirt underneath is a classic style for men. This is a look that bridges smart and casual to become something arguably better than both, not only negating the need for a dreaded tie but also keeping you warm on breezy days. It is often more flattering than a traditional shirt and blazer style, not to mention being far more comfortable.

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Tuck your shirt in – or not

Whether to tuck your shirt in or leave it untucked is usually obvious – work meeting in, family gathering out – but what about those smart causal occasions in between? It comes down to personal preference and leaving it untucked can look great provided you have a carefully-ironed shirt and it does not fall too much lower than the sweater – no more than one inch. Tucking the sleeves over the sweater cuffs finishes this look nicely. Many business shirts are specifically made with a longer cut and never look good untucked.

Matching the collar

Unfortunately for those who like it easy, you can’t just match any collar with any sweater. They need to complement one another, both in terms of practicality and aesthetic. Tight round-neck collared sweaters require shirts with small collars that can sit nicely underneath the sweater collar. A looser round-neck collar will require a looser collared shirt, and you then have the option of wearing the collar out or in. Cardigans that button to the front give you more freedom in terms of shirt choice and even allow you to add a bow tie or tie to the ensemble.

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If the shirt fits

The underlying key to getting a collared shirt and sweater combo right is that the shirt is well fitted to begin with. A baggy shirt will not sit right under the sweater and may ruin the whole look by appearing frumpy and uneven. Where possible, go for a slim fit, such as the classic long-sleeved mens Farah shirts from stockists such as, or at least a well-fitted shirt to wear underneath your sweater.

A sweater and collared shirt worn together is an iconic, versatile day to evening choice that transcends generations and styles. By following the above tips, you can make sure you really nail the look to get it right every time.

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