Jobs to Do on a Farm in July

Farming is a job that needs to be done 365 days a year. Whether caring for animals or tending to crops, a farmer is busy no matter what the season, but as harvest time approaches, many farmers will look for additional hands to help out on the farm to make sure that jobs are done at the right time.

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There are lots of jobs to be done to ensure that the harvest goes to plan, and this means that life can feel busier on the farm, with additional workers and machines being around to help out. This also means that with a combination of extra people and machinery, as well as deadlines to fulfil, errors are possible, and accidents could happen. Therefore, focussing on farm health and safety with the help of a company like this is particularly important at this time.

For arable farmers July is the time to continue the haymaking that began in June, as well as collecting the silage and baling. For some crops, this is also the month when a combine harvester will start to be needed, for crops like barley for example.

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For livestock farmers this is not as busy a time as it is for those that grow crops, apart from the routine animal care, and as the young animals are growing, they will tend to be vaccinated around this time and sheep and lambs will also be sheared.

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