Keep cool at work

We are now confined to offices as most of us no longer work outside. As only 8% of the UK has a fully functional air conditioning system, it is likely that most of us will start to feel hot when the temperatures rise.

Although the UK has a temperate climate, we usually avoid heat waves, even though the chances of them increase during the summer months. Our friends in India, for example, look at our 25 degrees and wonder why all the fuss. They can get temperatures as high as 40 degrees in spring and autumn.

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While there are limits to how cold we can go, until recently the optimal level of heat wasn’t considered. The Government has finally decided that in our increasingly hot world with more heatwaves and higher temperatures, they should work to determine what the optimum temperature is. Even if you work in an office, it might be too hot for you to stay there!

Better air quality

Air conditioners circulate the air and remove pollutants and mould. It is important to those who suffer from asthma and allergies because it reduces the irritations that cause an attack. However, this only applies if you keep your system clean and change the filters regularly. If you don’t, your AC could actually contribute to indoor pollution. For Air con Stroud, contact

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Fewer insects

These filters are also more effective at keeping out insects than a window screen. Insects can be annoying, but they are also dangerous for people with allergies. It is important to keep pets free of fleas and ticks.

Increased efficiency of workforce

We have all felt the mental sluggishness associated with an overly hot day. This is a real scientific fact. An article in Scientific American states that the energy expended by the body to cool itself takes away our ability to reason and think. People are more productive and make better choices when offices have air conditioning.

What can you do in the meantime to stay cool at the office? Brise Soleil panels can be fitted to the exterior of the building, including its windows.

The next step is to consider fans. Many desktop models can be tethered to your PC via USB. It is a system that does not consume a lot of energy and can be cost-effective if you are using your PC anyhow. Clothing choices are important, as is obvious.

Heat will definitely make us rethink our work habits.

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