Knights of Sidonia Season 3: Release Date!

Knights of Sidonia Season 3

“Knights of Sidonia” (Sidonia no Kishi) is an adaptation of the Japanese science fiction fuse anime manga series of the same name that premiered on April 10, 2014, in MBS and, subsequently, in TBS, CBC and other channels of Japanese television. An anime adaptation was developed by Polygon Pictures Inc. and directed by Kobun Shizuno. July 4, 2014, Netflix acquired the rights to locate and broadcast the anime series for an English-speaking audience in the territory of America. A second season of “The Knights of Sidonia” premiered on April 10, 2015, and was broadcast until June 26, 2015. The second season of the anime series was released on Netflix on July 3, 2015. But here we are when we will get the Knights of Sidonia Season 3 …

Knights of Sidonia Season 3


Background: The events of the anime series take place in the distant future; a thousand years after humankind flee from Earth, which was ruined by giant alien monsters called Gauna, aboard a huge spacecraft titled “Sidonia”, which is made of what is left of the Earth. Many other spaceships have left Earth together with Sidonia, however, the connection between them has been lost, and therefore, their subsequent destiny is unknown.

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Most of the remains of mankind are on board trained since childhood in order to become pilots and were able to face various threats with the help of Gardes, tremendous mechanized weapons. Over the years, a human culture developed in Sidonia, partly based on that of Japan, including human genetic engineering, asexual reproduction, etc. Keep reading types of engineering.

The anime series follows the life of Nagate Tanikaze, who has been living in Sidonia since childhood. He lives with his grandfather in the underground layer of the spaceship and trains in order to become a true Guardian, using the old simulators to gain the skills. He was forced to find some food after his grandfather’s death, therefore Nagate has climbed to higher levels, however, he has been captured. As a result, he learned that Sidonia lives, and was later selected as a Guardian pilot, who was sent to pass the pilot training among others in order to protect against Sidonia Gauna.

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Knights of Sidonia Season 3

The original manga consists of 14 volumes at the moment (apart from 8 chapters that are not yet in tankōbon format), and will end on September 25, 2015. Therefore, we can expect an anime adaptation of the last chapters very soon. Despite the fact that the renovation has not yet been announced, thanks to our notification system, we can notify you about Knights of Sidonia season 3 release date. Do not miss the premiere! Subscribe to the notification service.

At the moment the rights holders are counting the benefits from the broadcast and the preparation of the DVD release, but it is not about the order of the anime Knights of Sidonia Season 3 Officials do not hide that renewal is very possible, since the success of the adaptation is obvious; it is too early to announce the release date of the new episodes. Given the preliminary results, the benefit of Sidonia Knights worldwide allowed the development of Knights of Sidonia Season 3, but the creators do not want to make rash decisions.

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