Knitters need these essential tools

No matter if you’re a beginner in knitting or want to learn new techniques to improve your skills, it is important to have good tools on hand.

All craftsmen and women will agree that the tools you choose can enhance or diminish your abilities.

These are the essential tools every knitter must have:

When you first start knitting, you may find it useful to feel and hold the yarn. You will be able to feel the weight, texture, and composition of the yarn. You may find that your hands tire easily if you start with a chunky yarn.

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Beginners should use a medium weight worsted thread. You can see the results of your stitches more clearly if you use a lighter colour. This will help you to spot any mistakes and correct them before they become too late. For Knitting Kits, contact

Knitting Needles

Your needles will play an important role in how evenly your stitches turn out as well as the speed at which you knit.

You should choose the needle type based on your project. Single pointed straight needles can be a good choice for beginners but they only allow you to produce flat items.

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Knitting needles and yarn should be matched as a general rule. The needle size required is usually indicated on the label of the yarn. A needle gauge is a useful tool if you’re not sure which size to use. Each knitter has their own unique style and will need a different needle.

A measuring tape

Knitting allows you to create your own clothing to fit your specifications. Modern knitting patterns offer many different sizes, but it’s much more satisfying to customise your garment to fit you (and not vice versa).

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