Peaceful Yards for Stressful Times

In the age of coronavirus, we’ve all come to appreciate our personal outdoor spaces just a little bit more. When the only fresh air you get is in your own backyard, you come to value it all the more. If you’re looking to ways to maximize your outdoor spaces, here are a few ideas.panic attack


First of all, you need functional, usable outdoor spaces. There are a couple of key parts to that. If your space is too cluttered with junk, you won’t be able to use it, but if your space is completely empty, with nowhere to sit and nothing to do, it will be just as non-functional. You need places to sit and things to do in your outdoor spaces, just like you need them in your house. Look at discount patio furniture Ohio or your area to help transform your sparse and uninhabitable outdoor space into a livable, functional area.


Just sitting around outside won’t quite cut it either, though. You need something do do while you’re outside, otherwise you’ll be just as bored outside as you are inside. Some examples of outdoor activities include cooking, eating, playing sports, having a campfire or even swimming if you have enough space for a pool. The point is to make your outdoor space engaging and stimulating enough to be worth hanging out in.


Obviously you want your outdoor space to be visually appealing. You get to decide for yourself and your family what exactly that means, but having a beautiful outdoor space to call your own can make a huge difference when you’re missing all the people and places you used to visit. Get a little creative with your planting scheme and try to keep flowers blooming from spring through fall. Many plants have interesting foliage, some of which can last all winter long.


You also want your outdoor spaces to be private, within reason. In the past, you may have opted for a fence all around or a hedge to block your yard from view. Now, you may be desperate to safely socialize with anyone, even your nosy neighbors. While you may be starved for human contact right now, but keep in mind, before you tear down those privacy screens, that you may want them back in a few months’ time.

Time outside in your own backyard can be a valuable shield against cabin fever when you’re cooped up inside. Make sure that your spaces are everything you would want.

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