Preparing to move homes.

Without a shadow of a doubt the decision to move home is a deeply stressful one. Perhaps you’ve grown tired of trying to cram the family into a small dining room at Christmas or the kids, and you, just need more space for all that you want to do, and your current home just doesn’t cut it anymore. Whatever the reasons if you have decided to move well done. Here is a quick guide that might help out a little bit before the big day. One thing on this list is about getting a removal company to do it. If you are looking for a Bristol Removals Company contact I Move Removals as they are one of the premier Bristol Removals Company that you could use.

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  1. Make sure that you label everything in the house. Once it’s in a box and you know which room it is going in then get a label on it. Plates – Kitchen for example will leave you in a much better position to get stuff out and away.
  2. Get the professionals in. Yes, it can be another expense, but Mortgage Advisors will ask you about this before you even get to it in an application stage. You might have got to the point where loading up your car is going to take several trips and hiring a Van still means you have to knock yourself out trying to move all the big stuff. Take the strain off and invest in some decent movers like the ones above. It makes more sense so that you can start to unpack and enjoy your home.

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  1. Get an overnight bag ready. The last thing that you want to be doing is trying to find things like pyjamas and toothbrushes. The first thing you should do is get your bed ready so that you can start a fresh in the morning.
  2. If in doubt chuck it out. This is good opportunity to get rid of stuff that you no longer need. Try taking on the Marie Kondo method that is currently all the rage. If it doesn’t give you joy anymore then either get it down the recycling or off to the local charity shop.
  3. Have a Folder for the day of the move and a countdown marker. You can never be too organised when it comes to a house move. There should be a calendar on the first page so that you are aware of the timescales involved, plus anyone coming to help will be able to see it. In the folder should be the address of the removal company, the name of the agent selling the house, the Mortgage Advisor’s number and the Mortgage offer and the number of the solicitor.

Get this in place and it should all, in theory go smoothly.

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