Reasons to use Corten Steel

Corten steel is a type of steel that is designed to look weathered. It develops a layer of rust a s a protective measure when exposed to the elements. This is why it’s a popular choice for exterior installations. Corten A is mostly used in architecture, while Corten B is impact tested and used as a strengthening agent in structures. There are many advantages to using Corten steel and here are just a few:

  1. It’s anti-corrosive

Corten steel has special anti-corrosive qualities that give it a big advantage over other types of steel. The rust that occurs naturally helps to give it a longer life and is a useful cost-saving measure for that reason.

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  1. Less need to paint

The natural protective layer of rust that forms on the weathered steel comes as a result of exposure to moisture and oxygen over time. This means it doesn’t need to be painted. This avoids some of the negative issues that come with the use of paint, such as damage caused by organic compounds found in some paints.

  1. Good for heavy structures

Corten B is incredibly durable and strong, making it an ideal choice for use in large, heavy or load-bearing structures.

  1. It looks attractive

When the steel begins to weather, it develops a distinct and attractive reddish-brown colour that is favoured among engineers and architects. It is often used for artistic installations such as sculptures because of its ability to fare well outdoors. For Corten Metal Garden Sculptures, Review Corten Metal Garden Sculptures online at

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  1. Low maintenance

Corten has great architectural qualities and it’s also low maintenance, requiring very little upkeep or after care. Its chemical configuration means it can withstand high temperatures without further corrosion. As such, it is often used for lining chimneys, fire pits and log burners.

Corten is often used for large architectural structures such as bridges and roofing and such structures have been known to last for up to 120 years with little maintenance required, such as inspections or cleaning.

  1. Popularity

Corten steel has enjoyed favour among design engineers, architects and artists thanks to its versatility, durability and interesting appearance. Its many benefits include the ability to withstand heavy use and exposure for long periods of time, minimal maintenance and useful strength. It makes an excellent building and artistic material, thanks to its unique patina of rust that protects it and makes it visually striking.

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