School bus safety tips that all children should know

Many children go to and from school by bus. It is vital that the bus service is safe for them to use; however, it can be hard for children to know how to act around buses to keep safe. Here are some safety tips that children should know about using buses.

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Cross at the front of the bus

Children should be taught to stay away from the back wheels of the bus, as it is hard for the driver to see them. When crossing in front of the bus, they should move at least 10 feet away from the front of the bus before crossing the road and wait for a signal from the driver to be sure they have been seen.

Wait away from the kerb

When waiting for the school bus, children should stand on the same side as the bus stop, several feet behind the kerb. Children should always wait until the bus has stopped and the doors have been opened before approaching. They should then board in single file, using the handrail.

Helpful technology

Using a school bus booking and management system from a provider such as is a great way to add to the safety of bus use. This can tell parents about any cancellation or delays, inform users of lost property, book children onto journeys, and even enable children to scan on and off a bus for tracking.

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Never run after a bus

Another important thing to remember is that children should not stoop to pick up a dropped item near a bus. They should only pick it up once the bus has moved away or once the driver has indicated it is safe to collect it. If a child forgets and leaves their bag on the bus, they should not run after it, as this can be very dangerous. A lost bag isn’t the end of the world and will probably be waiting in lost property.

Be careful with drawstrings and straps

One danger of drawstrings in clothes is that they could get caught on the handrails, causing the child to fall or be dragged. Look for Velcro fasteners and buttons instead. It is also important to be careful with scarves, loose belts and rucksack straps, as these can also get caught on handrails and in doors.

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