Signs that it’s time to change your industrial cartridge filter

Industrial dust extraction is an essential to maintain a safe and comfortable working environment. It ensures that dust particles are removed from the air before they can be breathed in by employees and cause health issues. But extraction systems need to be looked after in order to ensure they continue to do their job effectively, and one of the main tasks is changing the filter. This is the component that traps unwanted particles and is designed to be cleaned or changed on a regular basis. But how do you know when it’s the right time to change the filters in your system?

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When Does The Filter Need Changing?

Most systems use a cartridge filter. The good news is that these are easy to replace, but over time they inevitably get clogged with dust. A sign that this is starting to happen is reduced extraction efficiency. You may also notice that fans are having to work harder and thus become noisier over time.

Some systems have airflow indicators fitted, and these can provide a good early warning that the system’s efficiency is in decline. A reduced airflow rate is a sure sign that the system is becoming clogged and you need to change the filter.

How Often Do I Change the Filter?

How often you need to change the filter really depends on how hard the system has to work and the volume and type of dust it has to handle. Fortunately, replacement filters are readily available from suppliers like, so changing them needn’t be a chore.

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Some extraction systems have a self-cleaning option that ‘pulses’ air through the filter cartridges in the other direction to keep them clear. However, while this can prolong filter life, even this type of system will clog its filters eventually to a point where they can no longer be cleaned and need to be replaced completely.

Depending on the type of dust being extracted, the frequency of changing filters may vary. Some types of fine dust will clog filters more quickly, leading to the need for more frequent attention. There’s also an issue that certain particles are abrasive in nature and can cause wear and damage to the filter over time, so they will need to be inspected and changed more often to keep extraction working effectively.

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