Why is silicone so popular in the marine industry?

There are many countries that produce vast amounts of pure silicon for a range of industries – and recently it has become very popular in the marine industry.

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The use of silicone rubber in the marine industry

Silicon is the second most common element that can be found in the Earth’s crust, and silicone is currently a very popular material for the marine industry. One of the main reasons why is because silicone is so resistant to deterioration, and this even applies in extremely harsh, cold conditions – which most marine equipment is used in.

Another huge advantage of silicone rubber is that it is waterproof, making it perfect for an industry that revolves around water. For instance, most marine companies use silicone to waterproof keypads, gaskets and seals, and due to extended lifespan of silicone, the waterproofing will last for years or even decades.

So we know that the main reason why silicone is used is because of its waterproof, durable properties – but that isn’t all. Another advantage of silicone rubber is that it is both resistant to hydrocarbons and non-reactive, so it won’t be damaged by exposure to oils or solvents.

It is also a non-conductive insulating material, which means that it can be used to protect electrical equipment from water damage. This is very important for most types of marine equipment, as the equipment is extremely expensive but can easily be damaged by water, so silicone can help to reduce the chance of having to replace damaged electrical equipment.

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Custom Silicone

Silicone is the perfect material for the marine industry, and businesses can choose from custom silicone models or off-the-shelf options from their silicone hose manufacturer. One of the main benefits of off-the-shelf options is that they are normally made to fit generic sizes, so you can be sure that they will be the right size if you have standard marine equipment.

On the other hand, if you have custom marine equipment, you may need to invest in custom-made silicone that will work with your equipment. You can get custom-made silicone using liquid silicone injection molding, a service that many silicone providers offer to their customers.

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