Space-saving hacks for student accommodation

Student accommodation is not known for being overly spacious, so you’ll want to keep your belongings to a reasonable amount so you’re not tripping over things! However, here are some great space-saving hacks to make the most of your new student digs:

Hanger Accessories

You can get more space out of your wardrobe by using hanger connectors. These work great if you have a tall wardrobe, but shorter wardrobes can be still use hanger connectors with clips to clip up longer items.

Drawer Dividers

Rather than live with chaotic and messy drawers, drawer dividers are an effective way to separate your socks from your underwear. You can use these in any drawer types for all manner of different clothing storage needs. They also work well in desks and kitchens.

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Storage Boxes

These are useful for any home, not just for sorting out student stuff. Piles of messy stuff will negatively affect your mood and you’ll probably find it hard to concentrate on your assignments. It’s much nicer and more positive to have clean and tidy spaces to study. By placing items into easily stackable storage boxes, you’ll free up invaluable floorspace. Ensure you buy boxes big enough for what you need to store, have a good clear out and stow away anything you don’t need on a daily basis.

Sticky Hooks

These removable hooks are super handy gadgets that stick to walls and doors, giving you somewhere to hang coats, towels and bags for example. This will help free up space on the floor and in your cupboards. You’ll appreciate the positive energy that comes from a clutter-free Student accommodation Gloucester.

Laundry Basket

Dirty clothes lying in a pile is not very pleasing to the eye and you won’t be getting many visitors either! A laundry basket is a must, especially one that’s tall rather than wide to maximise floorspace. It will keep your dirty laundry neatly in one place and be easier for you to see when a load needs to go into the washing machine.

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Stationery Holders

Having one of these on your desk will ensure you can always put your hand straight on items when you need them and keep everything looking neat and tidy.

Door Organiser

Clever storage means using spaces that might otherwise be overlooked. The back of your door is one such space that you can hang racks on to make a home for things like haircare, books and shoes. This frees up useful drawer and wardrobe space that can be used for other items instead.



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