The beauty in the French countryside

When looking for a place to visit for a summer get away or even just for a short weekend you can find some beautiful countryside landscapes in France. If you enjoy the French landscape and are looking to either move to France or have a holiday home of your own you could take a look at who can help you find Property for sale in France.

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France is just a short hop away from most places within the United Kingdom and your options for travelling are also very varied including the traditional flight across, ferry trip and even using the channel tunnel in one of two ways either as a foot passenger on the train or by driving your vehicle onto one of the train carriages.

Once you arrive in France you are just a short trip from some of the most spectacular scenery. Here are just some of the areas you could visit:

Normandy. The North of France and home to so much history in relation to our own country we are indelible linked to this part of France. There are also so many ports such as Cherbourg and Le Harve which provide quick and easy access to this part of the country. Just consider what you can see. Pegasus Bridge the vitally important position to ensure that D Day was a success, the very beaches themselves and the remains of Mulberry Harbour. It’s further back than that though there is Honfleur where Henry the Fifth urged his troops unto the breech or there is Caen the home of William the Conqueror. A trip to the Bayeux tapestry is also an absolute must.

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The South of France. Whilst it might be a longer journey the Mediterranean coast is not that far away. There is the legendary St Tropez to explore and of course there is Canne and the film festival there. The landscape of France is very different it is not as lush and green as the North making it a striking contrast. Not only that if you’re feeling really rich you could pop along to the principality of Monaco.

The Massif Central is a very beautiful part of France located in the centre of the country. Everybody usually gets excited by the Alps, but this range is also worth a look for its rising peaks and plateaus. This is caused by the long dormant volcanos that formed the region. It’s also where Volvic water comes from. The range would be part of the Alps but he river Rhone valley separates the two where a large glacier cut through the rock.

We have only scratched the surface here, it’s a beautiful country and well worth a look.

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