The increasing popularity of glass in the bathroom

Bathroom fashions come and go and there is always something new and exciting in the design world. The latest trend for bathroom design is glass, which goes hand in hand with the movement towards openness and clarity in homewares design. Read on for more about the popularity of glass in the bathroom.

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Glass was often just used for shower screens and mirrors but it is now everywhere, such as in shelves and accessories. Shower areas are more spacious now and often houses have a wet room instead of a traditional shower cubicle. Where once showers over baths were the norm and a curtain was standard, now a glass screen is much more common or sometimes nothing at all.

Space and clarity

Space and clarity are the main design points of bathrooms today. This type of approach can be seen in accessories in the bathroom as well as structural parts. While ceramic used to be the main feature of bathrooms for shelving units and chrome would feature on taps and towel rails, you will now see glass taking centre stage.

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Glass is clear and has a clean and fresh appearance. When glass is tempered it can be used for many purposes and bathrooms look great with the distinctive freshness of glass. This is also apparent in more mirrors turning up in modern bathroom design. Not only do we have a main mirror above the sink, there are often mirrors on cabinet doors, while mirrored shelves are also popular.

Chic shower panels

Glass panels for showers, such as 8mm shower glass panels available from stockists such as, allow light to pass through and give a modern feel. While shower curtains can look messy and dated, glass panels look sleek and are highly functional.

The design of the modern bathroom has evolved a lot over the years and today, transparency and minimalism are big trends in bathroom design. It is no wonder that glass is one of the main materials used. Many people are also using coloured glass for a different look.

The flexibility of glass means you can combine it with any colour scheme to work in any bathroom. Whether you are looking for a contemporary or traditional bathroom look, you can use glass to add chic appeal and freshness to the room and bring it up to date.

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