The Joy and Freedom of Having Personal Transportation.

Passing a motorbike or car driving test opens the doors to the joy and freedom of travel, using your own method of personal transportation.  Whether that’s a motorbike or car, the roads of the United Kingdom are now your oyster and you can go where you want, when you want, as long as you have tax and Insurance on your vehicle and you have enough money to buy fuel.

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However, let’s stop and think about those individuals who for whatever reason have to rely on other people to drive them, maybe just to simply go grocery shopping or enjoy a trip to the cinema, pay a visit to family members or friends, attend routine Doctor appointments or even emergency hospital visits!  Many fiercely independent individuals live their lives confined to a manual or electric wheelchair and often have to rely on a professional Carer to look after them, sometimes up to twenty-four-hours a day!  Having the personal use of one of the many specially adapted WAV Vehicles purchased from a professional, experienced Motability provider such as https://clarkemobility gives that individual the same opportunities, joy and freedom to travel whenever and wherever they want.

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Usually fitted with ramps, hoists and extra restraints, these cleverly adapted WAV Vehicles can make a huge positive difference in the life of someone living with a disability, offering them the freedom, joy and independence that they want and deserve.

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