The most glamorous drink on earth: Purple Drank

What we call it “Purple drank” which is a glamorous drink on our time (it also has so many other names also such as sizzurp, lean drink, drank, etc.) It has made with such a unique seductive formula mostly a combo of cough syrup, soft drink (Sprite mostly) and sweet candy (Jolly Rancher mostly). What is the glorious history of this delicious seductive drink? This kind of a fun drink was first tried in Houston, Us in some times 1960s. They used to name this drink “City of Syrup.” That’s how the name Sizzurp was come out from the term “syrup”.

Many believe, DJ Screw one of the most famous musical producers In Houston, Texas has first prepared the lean drink and made the drink so popular among all other rap singers. He presented the drink as beautifully as an inspiration tool for the “chopped & screwed” style hip-hop musical culture.

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Most importantly, the reason behind Purple drank get so much appeal to the young kids is its big promotion in lots of rap lyrics and it has mostly corresponded with the local musical beats “chopped & screwed” in Houston. Originally for making sizzurp, they used its main ingredients cough syrup with active promethazine and codeine on it. The syrup was mix up with clear soda and sweet candy. After developing this wonderful drink on earth, it was beginning to gain its huge popularity mostly in the southern rap communities and within sometimes this drink has begun to spread to all other southern states. Over the years, this Purple Drank has been awarded as one of the best recreational liquor and start gaining a huge fame among the rap singers. Now, this wonder drink has made his appeal all over the world as one of the most glamorous liquor.

Purple Drank has a key component called codeine and promethazine in cough syrup which can generate huge seductive and tempting feeling. It can easily produce some kind of relaxation in mind and make you calm. You can feel a foot print in the heaven. So much relaxation can be achieved with few bucks. You can also try that with some kind of hard drinks if you want to get more on it.

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