The Natural Beauty of Wood

The different contrasts of wood are what make hardwood trees very expensive. Two different wood blocks can be cut out from the same tree and have different textures and colors. Moreover, this is because, through the roots, the cell walls take in infiltrates, which are soluble, and bond them together with the lignin. Soil plays a huge factor in the tree’s visual appearance. The same species of tree has different appearances according to the region it is growing in. Engineered hardwood has different wood colors to choose from.

Some of the uses of wood are:

  • Household items such as utensils
  • Commercial purposes such as furniture
  • Sports equipment like wooden toys
  • Construction purposes, for example, fencing
  • Art industry

The by-products of wood are used every day in ink, nail polish, medicine, and sunscreen. Wood is beautiful because of the following characteristics; figure, grain, texture, luster and color.

Figure patterns

This attribute of wood refers to the surface of the wood and depicts the wood finishing. Different cuts of wood bring special effects to the final appearance of wood. When interlocked grain runs in different directions, a good layer is formed that enhances the appearance of the wood.


Grain refers to the appearance, texture, and alignment of wood fibers. Different trees have a different clear direction of the grain. The direction of wood grain depends on the sawn board. Different types emerge depending on how the wood is sliced and cut: curly grain, straight grain, and flat grain.


Depending on the wood smoothing operations and sanding, different species will feel smoother than others. Wood texture means the feel of wood. Four types of texture are found in art. They are; abstract, invented, simulated and actual texture. The different types of textures are then used for different purposes.


Lustre in a plank of wood gives it a natural sheen due to the reflection from its cell walls. Wood that has infiltrated tends to give it color and reduce luster. Also, finishing adds luster to wood when highly polished, sanded, and buffed. Light-colored hardwood species are more favorable for luster than dark-colored hardwood species.


Due to the soil conditions and species, different woods have different colors. A keen look at wood, you will notice most are brown because they fail to absorb photons.

African blackwood is the most expensive wood globally because of its difficulty to use hand-by-hand in machines. Also, African blackwood trees are almost extinct; hence locating the wood is difficult. African blackwood is mainly used in making musical instruments. Denver Engineered Hardwood is mostly used in the construction of walls, floors, and ceilings. Softwood is used to make furniture, window frames, and doors. Some of the long-lasting wood species come from cedar and oak. They can last for 20 years without warping, rotting, or splitting.

When selecting the type of wood to use, it is important to consider the appearance of wood. Wood has sensory characteristics such as odor and taste. Availability of wood is also important to make sure you don’t overspend your budget. The person slicing and cutting the boards should be qualified to bring out the desired beauty of the wood.

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