The novice camper’s survival guide

With more families choosing to holiday in the UK, camping has never been more popular. With the right equipment, your family can holiday cheaply for years to come.

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For those who have never been camping before, there are a few tips to a successful holiday, but first, you must decide what kind of camping you wish to do. Campsite camping is probably the most popular choice. You can pre-book a pitch or just turn up at one of hundreds of campsites around the UK. A dedicated pitch is all your own space and usually allows you to park alongside your tent. Campsites will often have facilities such as washrooms, toilets and showers. The bigger family orientated sites can often have laundry facilities and children’s playgrounds.


Your tent is your main item and the number of people who are going will determine the size of your tent. There are loads of different shapes and sizes, some more expensive than others. A ground sheet is required if not included in with your tent, along with sleeping bags and air beds. You will need cooking facilities, such as a stove, gas bottle, pots and pans, plates and cups. A water canister for storing water for drinks, cooking and washing up, is essential, and a small table and chairs and either a gas light or torches for after dark. This is the basic equipment for your first-time camp. If you decide you enjoy it, other items can be purchased to enhance your comfort.

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Depending on your normal activities, other items like bicycles, climbing gear and fishing gear can be included. A good knapsack is essential for carrying daily essentials whilst you’re out and about. A Vanquest 3.0 or similar, is a suggestion, as it has lots of pockets and divided areas for good safe storage.

Be prepared

Don’t get caught out with bad weather, take plenty of warm clothing and wet weather gear. A first aid kit is another essential item, with insect repellent and antiseptic wipes a useful addition. By the time you have packed all this is your car, not forgetting food and drinks, you will be ready for a holiday. Camping is what you make of it so give it a go as it’s exciting sleeping under the stars.

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