Tips for restoring hardwood floors

When we picture our home, we think of comfort and warmth; therefore, when we are choosing our household accessories and essential items, such as flooring, this is exactly what we aim to achieve. Adding a hardwood floor to your home not only provides warmth but can also emphasise the character. With so many choices available, it is easy to see why hardwood floors are such a popular option.

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Over time, as with anything, life takes its toll on your beautiful floor and you will find yourself wondering whether you can somehow give it a new lease of life and restore it back to its former glory. The answer is that you absolutely can, so we have summarised some very useful tips for you to help you restore your hardwood flooring.

Before embarking on such an important project, make sure you check which type of flooring you have. Laminate wood flooring or engineered wood flooring can’t be restored, whereas real hardwood flooring can. Attempting to restore any type of laminate wood flooring can cause damage, so do be careful.

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How big a job is it?

This is also something you will need to check. Floors that are looking a little dull and worn can be re-coated, whereas small scuffs should be sanded and coloured with a floor marker. Deeper scratches will take a little more work, but these things don’t need a full restoration.

Take care

Sanding an entire floor will need the right tools for a nice finish and some protective clothing, including dust masks. It is best to keep the area ventilated and you will need to clean thoroughly after you have sanded – don’t be surprised if it takes a few attempts to remove all the dust!

Lay a base coat first to ensure a beautiful finish. It is advisable to use a water-based finish, which is thinner than an oil finish. This dries faster and won’t smell as bad as an oil finish. Stockists of laminate wood flooring are also likely to have products to help you clean real wood

With such a lot of work to do, it is important to remember that restoring your floor to its former glory takes time. It will be worth it, so allow yourself this time and be patient.


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