Top Job Opportunities in North Dakota

North Dakota’s recent oil boom has resulted in a dramatic improvement in the state’s economic situation. As a result of the jobs that were created, North Dakota boasts a per capita gross domestic product that is higher than the national average by 29% and the lowest unemployment rate nationwide.

It probably comes as no surprise that some of the top job opportunities in North Dakota are related to the oil industry. However, there are also attractive and high-paying opportunities in other fields as well.


Oil drilling companies frequently hire geologists to collect samples and analyze data related to the earth’s energy resources. Geologists require at least a bachelor’s degree in earth sciences, and those who are qualified can earn in excess of $60,000 per year.

Commercial Truck Drivers

CDL trucking jobs North Dakota are not related exclusively to the oil industry. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that that oil drilling has created a need to haul away drilling cutting, waste fluid, and aggregate, as well as to haul pipe, equipment, and production water to a drilling site. Heavy truck drivers in North Dakota can earn approximately $25.00 an hour, and there is often little prior experience or education required apart from a CDL licensing course.


Despite the attention and interest the oil industry has garnered in North Dakota, 90% of the land there is still used for agriculture, and it is still considered the most rural state in the nation. This means that there are many jobs available related to agriculture, from laborers to equipment operators to inspectors to forestry workers. The average yearly salary for the broad category of occupations in forestry, farming, and fishing, is approximately $35,000 per year.

Health Care

Older adults are projected to comprise 18% of North Dakota’s population by the year 2025. To put this statistic into perspective, the elderly population was only 12% of the total in 1980. As the baby boomers continue to age, their medical needs are likely to increase as well, making health care a wide-ranging field to enter in North Dakota. Health care practitioners of all specialties can earn over $70,000 per year in North Dakota, and support personnel (nurses, physical therapists, pharmacy aides, etc.) can earn approximately $34,000 annually.

While the oil boom has slowed down somewhat in the past five or six years, North Dakota’s economy is still strong. This means there are still plenty of job opportunities for those at all education and experience levels willing to seek them out.

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