Top Reasons to Consider Immigration to Cyprus

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The Republic of Cyprus is often regarded as the jewel of the Mediterranean. Located south of Turkey, this is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea in terms of area and population, after Sardinia and Sicily. It was a former British Colony and is located strategically at the intersection of three continents; Asia, Europe and Africa. People have been singing praises of Cyprus, but most only go over the meaningless details rather than providing some good reasons to relocate to the country. It is best to consult an expert service such as One-visa, as they will be able to guide you about the prerequisites of moving to Cyprus. Learn more here: Cyprus Investment Immigration Options You can apply for a visa and get it easily when you have someone to assist you.

Immigration to Cyprus can be an excellent decisions for a number of reasons. The top ones are highlighted here:

Reason 1: Pace of life

One of the biggest positives of moving to Cyprus is that the pace of life can be exactly what you want it to be. This flexibility can be immensely beneficial in the long term, especially for those people who are tired of busy and hectic lifestyles. Here, you will enjoy an even pace and you can go with the flow. It is one of the most endearing features of this island nation.

Reason 2: People speak English

Almost everyone you meet in Cyprus is likely to speak English and this can be a huge plus because you don’t have to worry about learning an entirely new language. As it was part of the British Empire for almost eighty two years, English is used for conversation at the highest level so you will have no problems in adjustment. You can learn the local language once you have settled down.

Reason 3: Excellent weather

Again, a major attraction of Aphrodite’s Isle is its excellent weather. The summers are quite long and winters are short. You can expect to see the sun 89% of the time and the weather remains very stable.

Reason 4: Low cost of living

Compared with the cost of living across the European Union, life in Cyprus is not expensive at all. The tax system is very attractive as there is a high threshold before you have to pay income tax. The renting properties in Cyprus are also cheap and the fuel and telecommunication costs are reasonable so your living costs stay low.

Reason 5: Low crime and great education

Cyprus is known to have one of the lowest crime rates in Europe so you will generally feel safe there. This is a great draw for people with families. Likewise, the quality of education is very high, which is another lure. The island boasts numerous international schools that offer a high standard of education to children.

Low pollution and less population density are other strong factors that can convince you to move to Cyprus. However, it is essential to remember that visa requirements can vary for those moving from an EU-member state and non-EU member state.

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